We Are Ferndale

The We Are Ferndale blog series features stories from people throughout the Ferndale community and is curated by the Ferndale School District. Click on the title of a post to read it.

The increase is not an accident. The District has been intentional about engaging the community to build a culture of graduation starting in Kindergarten. According to Ferndale School District Assistant Superintendent Scott Brittain, "Graduation is not a date in June. That's Commencement. Graduation is a process that begins when students enter school. It's a process that takes all of us along the way."

A group of community volunteers known as the Ferndale Community Bond Task Force gathered for the last time on the evening of March 7th. The group met at the former North Bellingham Elementary school in Ferndale. Active since October 2017, the group has logged hundreds of individual volunteer hours analyzing maintenance needs and condition reports on existing buildings. The result of that work is a package of recommendations that members believe will address current needs and plan for the future.